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about us and our style

we are pam and ritchie and we are ritrato photography. we decided to call our business ritrato photography because in our own language, ritrato means, portrait, picture or frames.   we wanted to carry a bit of our heritage in wherever we might end up in and share it with whoever we might meet. leaving our country, philippines,  to live in singapore and USA makes us appreciate even more the differences of our cultures and the uniqueness of each individual that we meet. it is not any surprise to us then that our style of photography is immensely  influenced with the vibrancy and heartbeat of each culture.     

with fresh eyes, we love and enjoy doing shoots in totally ordinary places and turning them into fine works of art.  we revel in taking pictures of people in their element, in their basic moments. And nothing beats our joy in framing special moments that could never again be recaptured.  

FUN. CANDID. PASSION.   that’s how we love it.  we want to take pictures of people \in events as they unfold.  

SUNNY. RAINY. SNOWY.   we love the challenges that each unique situation present to us,  making the shots not anywhere near mundane but phenomenal.   

FRIENDS. FAMILY. GOD.     we, ritchie and pam,  are born to be friends and we would not have started if not for the overwhelming support and love of our other friends and family. and WITHOUT OUR GOD, WE KNOW WE'D BE NOWHERE. praise and glory to him!

Sarah : Layton Roy Utah Senior Portraits

RobinHood! Who doesn’t love the once popular novel turned into movie Robin Hood tales? So when Cindy mentioned that Sarah is an archer, we’re so all over that! This is our first chance to do a shoot with bows and arrows.  Lines and curves are  always such an interesting juxtaposition which its geometrical contrasts.  Top it all off with a really sweet young lady with such fascinating hobbies and we’re totally captivated, hook, line and sinker.

So here you go.. meet our lovely client, Sarah. She goes to NUAMES, Northern Utah Academy in Mathematics, Engineering and Science

Weber Early College Senior Portraits

Layton Utah Senior Portrait Photographer - Ritrato Photography 1

We’re so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. The Utah landscape is a perfect backdrop for our pretty archer.

Weber Utah Archery Senior Portraits

Yup, she’s aiming at you.

Sarah is a trooper! We had to ask her hold this pose for a long time and it’s no joke.  The bow is heavy as it is and when you pull the bow string with the arrow, I think it adds like 20lbs or something. We obviously don’t know anything about archery.  haha

Salt Lake City Utah Senior Portraits Archery

Layton Utah Senior Portrait Photographer - Ritrato Photography 4

Layton Utah Senior Portrait Photographer - Ritrato Photography 3

Layton Weber Utah Early College Senior Archery Photos

Syracuse Utah Senior Portraits

Sarah adores capes and holds a deep love for Shakespeare! Cape and Shakespeare! Why not?? Love how we’ve capture so much of her personality.

Layton Utah Senior Portrait Photographer - Ritrato Photography 2

Layton Utah Senior Portrait Photographer - Ritrato Photography 5

Sarah, we had such a great time working with you! We wish you all the best! God bless.

Pam and Ritchie

Utah Senior Portrait Photographer – RITRATO Photography
Weber Early College Senior Portraits – RITRATO Photography
Salt Lake City Senior Portraits

April 27, 2010 - 11:35 am Laurie Barr - Sarah is my niece and I thank you for capturing her at her best. I've long known that Sarah is beautiful but now you've shown everyone else! Thank you for these unique and gorgeous photos.

November 16, 2012 - 1:07 pm Gina Stark - Amazing photography - great work!

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